Brave Writer spotlight: Hannah

Hens in the Sunshine by Heidi Malott“Hens in the Sunshine” by Heidi Malott

From Brave Writer mom, Joanna:


I thought I would share this with you because “Since Hanna Moved Away” is one of your favorite poems. Using your poetry guide, my 10-year-old daughter Hannah wrote this about her beloved chickens that were lost to predators. We usually try to stay away from the verb “went,” but in this case it was perfect; her most honest choice for the title because it allowed her a little emotional separation in its vagueness.


Since the Chickens Went Away

by Hannah (age 10)

Mommy’s pie smells like bad breath
The piano keys won’t play
My favorite song moans like death
Since the chickens went away

Apples taste like rotten fish
Halloween’s called off today
Santa kept my Christmas wish
Since the chickens went away

The chicken coop’s an old mouse trap
On the dirt dead flowers lay
In my heart there is a gap
Since the chickens went away

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