Poetry Teatime: With TobyMac

Poetry Teatime

We have so enjoyed implementing your idea for “Tuesday Teatime.” We’ve been doing it fairly consistently for the past year or so, and now my 3 year old consistently associates Tuesday with teatime–and she’s not even being ‘schooled!’ We have enjoyed reading picture books mostly, but we also throw in a few chapter books we’re working on, some poetry as well, and occasionally we’ll analyze lyrics to some of our favorite songs. Lately, we picked apart TobyMac’s “Me Without You” and “Steal My Show” with plans to work on “MacDaddy” next.

Poetry Teatime

Thank you again!

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2 Responses to “Poetry Teatime: With TobyMac”

  1. Chris says:

    Oh my goodness, JENN! I’m reading this story this morning, and I’m looking at the pictures of the adorable kids, and the cool camera technique, and thinking what a great idea it is to dissect Toby Mac’s music… and then I actually wake up and see it’s YOU! Love it. And MacDaddy is hysterical. Love you.

  2. Mom Mom/Pop Pop says:

    Don’t know much about ‘Teatime with TobyMac’ but enjoy the pics
    of the kids having fun at the tea party.

    Thanks for sending it to us.

    Good job,Love you all.