A little purge never hurt anyone


The last half of July and all of August are my busiest months of the year. Maybe that’s why I find the clutter in my house insufferable. I can’t entertain a stray shoe or an over-stocked pantry while working.

When I need to think, I need white space—a zone of zen.

Radio off, cleared flat surfaces, piles of books removed to the other room…these help.

Dishwasher emptied, humming electronics put to sleep, pillows propped on the couch in my line of vision.

I invest an hour in decluttering, cleaning up, wiping down, hiding the mess.

Then I can work for hours.

If I don’t take that first hour, my work becomes fragmented as the items in my field of vision tug at me to do something about them.

Maybe this is true for you too?

How do you create the conditions for concentration where you are? How do you help your kids learn habits that foster the deep dive?

It’s time for my morning cup of tea. I’m going to use the minutes it takes to boil water to close my pantry door, remove the collection of miscellany from the armchair, and shut down my son’s noisy hard drive.

Then I’m going to buckle down to work.

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