Friday Freewrite: Getting fit!

Why is exercise important to someone your age?

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  1. Diana Friederich says:

    This topic hit Mom. My kids are all elsewhere and not even doing freewrites today, but I felt compelled to. Figured I’d share it to encourage or inspire another mom. We need that. 🙂

    Exercise is important to people of all ages. The benefits of exercise are numerous. My cholesterol plummeted 70 points when I went I started a more intense exercise program in combination with diet changes. I eat oatmeal daily and avoid cheese as much as possible. Yay! No medicine for me. I lost a few pounds. The tight pants fit!  And the ones that fit became loose, but that’s a good problem to have.  I am also more toned. I can see muscle in my arm. Is that ever encouraging?! I am stronger. I can actually swing all the way across the monkey bars at the park. I couldn’t do that before. My family is impressed and even intimidated by me. It’s setting a good example of fitness for my kids. And, believe it or not, during today’s workout class the instructor spoke to the issue of how we need to push ourselves further as we get older to get the same results. Exercise is definitely important.

    Turning 44 in two weeks,