Working hard for you

This summer has been one of those demanding ones where I’ve been deeply involved in the business, but not as able to keep this blog filled with treats for you the way I like to. Right this week, my design team has presented me with the future look of the Brave Writer website and I’m so thrilled, so excited about it, I wish I could share it with you right now. I can’t though. Still, it involves a lot of my time to work on the new world of BW that will nurture and support all of you.

Thanks for your patience. If you have questions or want to share with our BW community, I’ll post them here happily. Just send me an email or comment below. Let me know what would help you!

One Response to “Working hard for you”

  1. Lisa Rogers says:


    Could you briefly share with us how copywork and dictation look in your home and include the highest grade you’ve had at home? I’ve shared your arrow and boomerang (the concept) with several friends and the common concern is that it doesn’t appear to be enough. Many believe that copywork and dictation should be daily not weekly. I would love your insight on this matter!