Shaking the dust off writer’s block

I spent some time surfing the web looking for ideas to help us knock open the internal world of words and found some good ideas! So if you and your kids want to kick off the fall with some new ideas (or if you are down under and feeling a little weary going into spring) try these! Here are five writing ideas. Don’t do them all in one day. Space them out over weeks.

  1. Write a collage made up of full-lines of selected source poems. (Choose the poems, grab lines from them, type them up, print them, cut them into strips and then reassemble in a new order to make a new poem! You can certainly add a line of your own if it helps.)
  2. Write a poem composed entirely of questions.
  3. Make notes on what happens or occurs to you for a limited amount of time, then make something of it in writing.(You pick a predetermined amount of time – like an hour or a morning.)
  4. Write on a piece of paper where something is already printed or written. (You might try writing in the margins of a book, or the margins around a photo-copy of a poem, or on the edges of a flyer…)
  5. Type out a Shakespeare sonnet or other poem (or song lyric!) you would like to learn about/imitate double-spaced on a page. Rewrite it in between the lines.

One Response to “Shaking the dust off writer’s block”

  1. Ella says:

    Hi, these are some good ideas that I might try out at our Little Green Pig workshops – thanks!