Email: Disturbing Drinks

I’ve been slamming this week. That’s code for keeping my head bent over a keyboard, typing like a fiend and neglecting my children. It’s the last week of my online SAT/ACT essay class, tax season, the start up of spring semester at co-op (where I teach two writing classes) and the usual steady drip drip of email, writing and product development. As a result, my blogging this week has depended on the wonderful gifts of emails from you all! Today I share with you a delightful note from one of our Brave Writer Moms.

More from me next week. (Sign up for the workshop in Grand Rapids, if you are planning to attend. We need a count and it helps if you let us know early.)

Hi Julie,

Thanks for all the time you take to blog your thoughts, insights and experiences. When I sit down to read them, I feel like I am sitting at Starbucks enjoying a Cinammon Dulce with a friend.

We have recently moved to Botswana, and so had months of change and re-adjustment. After our Christmas break, I decided that a fun way to get back into the swing of school would be to jump into a Keen Observation exercise together.

I took your advice about milking the experience, and we talked about it casually for a few days before the morning dawned. Our 7yr old butterfly evolved her own term for the exercise, and told her dad we were going to “dissect our disturbing drinks”:-).

Homeschoolers are a rarity here, so when we piled out of the car, armed with notepads, and enthusiasm, we were met with some startled stares. Once we had settled into a cozy corner, and ordered our drinks, we all immensely enjoyed the whole process. I went with the attitude of expecting a great time together, and gleaning whatever educational gems we could. It was a wonderful start to the new year!

Thank you Julie for sharing a different outlook with us. Stretching us, and affirming our relationship-building with our children along this
journey of homeschooling together.


I figure if Joanne can do this in Botswana, there’s no excuse for the rest of us! Cheers to your disturbing drinks, wherever you live!

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