Chance Teatime

Chance Teatime
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When I heard about Tuesday Teatime, I was skeptical that it was something my two boys (ages 8 and 11) would want to do. But I decided to try it and was surprised that it is the one thing that the boys don’t let me forget about! One of the boys has developed a love of tea while one prefers hot chocolate with marshmallows. Sometimes we do a read aloud; sometimes we sit and read poems from one of their favorite children’s poetry books. We have had a few special themed teatimes, but most of the time we just grab a box of cookies out of the pantry. It doesn’t seem to matter how fancy it is. The next Tuesday they always exclaim, “Don’t forget today is Tuesday Teatime, Mom!”
Chance Teatime 2

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  1. Sandy says:

    What a great reminder to keep it simple!