Friday Freewrite: Noises

Listen to the sounds going on around you. What do you hear? The air conditioner or heater kicking on? The dog slurping water? The drone of the refrigerator behind the TV laugh track?

Stay quiet for a few minutes and really listen. Then write  the sounds as you hear them, attempting to match them as you write.

2 Responses to “Friday Freewrite: Noises”

  1. Kim Turnbo says:

    I hear,
    The squeeking of the chair I’m sitting on caused by enthusiasm to participate in this blog.

    The quick snap-clicking of each key being directed by my fingers to convey sounds; turned into thoughts. Turned into words.

    I hear the voices at my neighbor’s house next door. (our windows are opened today. It’s beautiful outside and livable inside)
    The crickets seem loud today. Their near and distant scratching sounds mingled with the talkitive birds is a welcomed symphony I interpret as “life”..

    The o’ so familiar sound of vocal victory and defeat expressions coming from the TV in the family room. My son, home from a 5 hour early week class at college, catches up on being absorbed in his karate video games which were replaced by writing assignments. I must say, he endured with confidence and pleasure after being equiped by the expository essay classe taught by Julie.

    This is fun.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I hear the sound of my computer fan whirring. I hear the buzzing noise from my light over the kitchen sink. I hear this continuous clicking of computer keys…it stopped…there it is again…oh that’s my fingers!!! I hear the laughter of my youngest daughter who should be quietly tucked in bed. I hear the computer working on something and stomping from little feet overhead (children, not squirrels).

    This is quite fun!!!!

    Stephanie @ inspired