Tuesday Teatime: in Arizona

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Hi Julie,

Thank you for inspiring us to get back to teatimes.  Hope our photo finds you.  My son is 13, and my daughter is 7, and we live in Tucson, AZ.  This particular tea time I read from Sarah Ban Breathnach’s _Mrs. Sharp’s Traditions_.  The book has several Victorian-era poems arranged by months of the year.  The Pussy Willow poem on p. 94 inspired my daughter to spontaneously compose the following:

Winter means no flowers
Winter means no snow
When the first snowflake drops
It’s winter you’ll know

Violets are blue
Roses are red
You know its spring
When a rose wakes from its bed

I quickly wrote it down to share with you.

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We took our dear friends to the lovely Chantilly Tea Room in Tucson, AZ.   The charming atmosphere helped to inspire our teatimes at home as well. 

Take care,
Brave Mom in AZ

Fun poem!

A good reminder that teatimes don’t only have to happen at home… What about a “coffee time” with teens at a coffee house? Remember to bring along journals and spy on the next table. Write down their dialog or describe their bad habits!

I loved the photos shared above. Such joy in their faces!


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