Friday Freewrite: Objects

Gather a group of random objects and put them in a basket. Cover the basket with a cloth.

When you are ready to start writing, take the cloth off the basket and choose one object for writing. Spend no time thinking about which object to write about. Just pick one up and hold it. Examine it for a few moments (feel it with your fingers, smell it with your nose, rub it against your cheek, flip it over and look at all sides).

Then write for five, ten or fifteen minutes. Let the writing go any direction. This doesn’t have to be a descriptive piece. It can be a story or dialog or the object can be transformed for a magical purpose or it can suggest a discussion of your most recent use of it.

Suggestions for objects in the basket:

  • postcard of a scenic location
  • toothbrush
  • spare key
  • scissors
  • pinecone
  • stuffed animal
  • candybar
  • lightbulb
  • stapler
  • remote control

Pick your own items. Four or five is plenty.

Feel free to post your freewrites here or on the forums.

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