Tuesday Teatime: Poetry Reading

Dear Julie,
Our Teatime was inspiring… Enjoy!

Yes indeed, We finally had our tea
Which consisted of cold water and a chocolate brownie.
Yet, we did light the candles to add some ambience,
Whilst Phillip(10) read the first poem-
A two-lined short and sweet one
With grace and elegance.

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My 11 year old, Abe, shared a poem about skating
And trying some new tricks…
Then came Lewis(7), who sped through his poem
While reaching for a brownie to cure his fix.
Elliot(5) and I performed a duo from our seats.
I rattled off the first line
And he added the second with ease.
That’s when my 1 year old daughter(Noelle)
Spilled a cup of cold water all over her knees.

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The boys all had a good laugh
As I was stooping with a paper towel
Trying hard not to share my face
Which carried a severe scowl!
We rounded up our time together
With one of my absolute favorites, The Grinch.
Since I’ve read it so many times
Reciting it for me is a cinch.
As I read, ‘with a sour, Grinchy frown,’
I heard a small sound like the coo of a dove;
Noelle was clinging to my legs
As I was trying desperately not to look down.
“Don’t ruin this moment for me!”
I snarled with a sneer.
The end to our delightful teatime is oh so ever near.
“Please just allow me to finish this poem,
(through clenched teeth)
Then I scooped her up in my arms and proceeded,
‘And he…
The Grinch carved the roast beast!’

Brave Mom

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Now that’s an overachieving mom! Love the poem. 🙂
And look at those eager little faces.

Send me your teatimes!


One Response to “Tuesday Teatime: Poetry Reading”

  1. Joyce says:

    I love these teatime stories and photos. Thanks for sharing a bit of your family with us! Your son’s shirt is terrific. It reminds me of a bumper sticker we saw today while enjoying nature at a butterfly exhibit: “I think, therefore I am pro-life.”

    It also reminds me of something a friend told me a while back. She said she thinks God is pro-choice and pro-life. Choose Life!

    And aren’t your children doubly blessed to have a mom who not only shares teatime and poetry with them, but she writes poetry as she recites poetry. Clever!

    God bless you,