My Kingdom for an Egg

Every year our family dyes eggs together and we use the little clear crayon supplied by Paas to write clever quotations making use of the “egg” motif as creatively as we can.

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Image hosted by
Here’s Jacob intently dying his egg

This year’s eggs have the following terrific quotes:

Two eggs, both alike in dignity.

My egg! My egg! My kingdom for an egg.

Some eggs can’t make it on their own. (U2)

It’s been a hard egg’s night. (Beatles)

Movie line
E-G-G egg (“You’ve Got Mail”)

Egg puns

Five star egg

Two eggs don’t make a right but three eggs make an omlette.

The last egg standing.

Egg-stra, egg-stra

Perennial favorite:
“Hey dude, where’s my egg?”

2 Responses to “My Kingdom for an Egg”

  1. Rita says:

    Ohmygosh! I wish I had read this before easter. I am going to have to find some other medium for this!

    We have a white board that we put favorite book quotes on, and they sit on the wall for a while until someone else comes along and adds their newest favorite quote. The last quote was one I found from Shakespeare: “And thereby hangs the tale.”

    I might have to add the idea of “quotation perversions” as a part of our whiteboard possibilities.

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