My Lifelong Love Affair with Libraries

My Lifelong Love Affair with Libraries

I loved writing this piece for Read It Forward. Enjoy!

My Lifelong Love Affair with Libraries

My first car accident occurred in the parking lot of a library. I had barely earned my driver’s license a few hours earlier. I hopped in my Mazda GLC that evening for a joyride—straight to the public library. So excited to visit the stacks inside, I hurriedly parked, misjudging the space and clipped the fender of the neighboring car. I got a tongue lashing from the owner, naturally—though the damage was insignificant.

But what stays with me more than that humiliation on what should have been a day of driving triumph is that my first choice destination when exercising my new-born 16 year old freedom, was to drive to a library. Libraries were a haven and a place of intellectual adventure in my childhood.

I remember the delicious sense of “shopping” that libraries provided. My mother took us weekly to pick books—and we were allowed to check out as many as we liked! I would examine the spines for provocative words like: “Dinky Hocker Shoots Smack” and colorful book covers like Garth Williams’ illustrations for the Little House books.

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The Brave Learner

What Others Say about The Brave Learner

What Others are Saying about The Brave Learner

Wow. I am (happily) overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support each of you has shown me throughout The Brave Learner’s publication!

Thank you for spending your precious time reading the book, posting those gorgeous Instagram photos, sharing salient feedback and, in many cases, using up all your book darts/sticky notes/highlighter ink!

Publishing a book is a vulnerable act, so it’s especially validating to know when my ideas are resonating with you and your families.

Take a peek at what some lovely reviewers had to say about The Brave Learner:

The Brave Learner Changed Our Homeschool – Doodlemom

As I read, I discovered opportunities to use the techniques Julie Bogart discusses with my own teens. I put them into practice over the last weeks and the results are amazing!

In this short time, I already recognize that I was inadvertently acting to shut down a new interest in one or another of my kids. Using the ideas Julie presents, and with an open mind, the results have been glorious.

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Brave Learners – Unto Adoption

“Doesn’t [Julie] just give you the warm fuzzies? She’s like Mary Poppins, Leslie Knope, and Maria von Trapp rolled into one!”

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The Brave Learner Companion Guide

The Brave Learner Companion Guide (FREE!)

How to Really Help a Child with Learning Differences: The Brave Learner – Not the Former Things

This book is a comprehensive discussion of how we help our kiddos learn, gain confidence and build relationships along the way. Julie has a way of being incredibly inspirational and super practical, all at the same time. Her book is essentially 14 chapters of encouragement and real-life ideas for learning.

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The Brave Learner by Julie Bogart – Homeschooling Large Family Style

I took what feels right for my individual family and left behind the parts that do not fit us in this season. Different is a beautiful thing! There are many good ways to learn, teach, and grow. 

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How to Be a Brave Learner – Today’s Catholic Homeschooling

Whether you are a new or veteran homeschooler, you will find something to inspire and challenge you in these pages.

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Thank you for being the best community a Brave gal could ask for!

The Brave Learner

The Brave Learner Conference: Academics & Enchanted Learning

The Brave Learner Conference

The Brave Learner Conference

Register Today!

Reminder: our Early Bird Discount goes away on March 31.

I introduced the 12 Superpowers of Learning in The Brave Learner. This July we’re diving headfirst into those Superpowers, and trust me—we’re gonna make a SPLASH!

Implementing the 12 Superpowers is a paradigm shift: you literally shift how you think about teaching. When you shift your thinking, then your approach and actions shift, and then the environment of your homeschool begins to branch out in ways you’ll be amazed to see.

The ideas in my book are a compass for your own creativity. And I know you’re doing a bang-up job!

But do you ever wrestle with tying those Superpowers into academic skills?

Are you confident with certain subjects but flabbergasted with others?

Hey, I hear you—I was there! Math and science were super sticky subjects for me to teach.

That’s why a full session of The Brave Learner Conference is dedicated to supplying you with a map and the tools to really tackle the whole Enchanted Landscape of Learning.

Please don’t wait to sign up—I don’t want you to miss this opportunity! We have limited space, and when we sell out, it will be max capacity.

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The Brave Learner Conference

Arrow Book Club: April 2019

Arrow Book Club April 2019

Our online book clubs for kids are a great way to get comfortable with the Brave Writer program! The book clubs provide literature discussion without the pressure of essay composition!

Plus a FREE digital copy of our language arts guide based on the book is provided.

[This post contains Amazon affiliate links. When you click on those links to make purchases,
Brave Writer receives compensation at no extra cost to you. Thank you!]

April’s Arrow Book Club selection is By the Great Horn Spoon! by Sid Fleischman.

Follow the adventures of Jack, a twelve-year-old Bostonian, and his English butler, Praiseworthy, as they set forth to strike it rich in the California Gold Rush! These two unlikely gold miners need to hit pay dirt to save the family estate. Along the way, they meet a cast of colorful characters and find themselves in plenty of predicaments. 

Purchase the novel.

Homeschool students especially need the chance to talk about what they read—-yet the busy mother-of-many doesn’t always have time to take the discussion to a written form.

Let Brave Writer help you. These book discussions are drawn from entertaining works of fiction that your kids are sure to love!


Caveat: Please remember that you’re the parent. If you have doubts about the content of a particular book, please check the reviews of the novel or read it for yourself first.

Also starting in April are our Boomerang and Pouch Book Clubs.

Friday Freewrite: Song

Friday Freewrite

If you composed a song, what genre or type of music would it be: pop, rock, country, classical, jazz, rap, EDM (electronic dance music), heavy metal, or something else? Share the reasons for your choice.

New to freewriting? Check out our online guide.