Friday Freewrite: “Dear Sleep…”

Friday Freewrite

What is your relationship with sleep? Do you sometimes fight it, miss it, enjoy it? Does sleep give you good dreams or bad dreams or both? Can you and sleep get along anywhere (like in the car or a strange hotel room)? Now, write a letter to sleep.

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Raising World Citizens

Raising World CitizensJacob and Johannah in Thailand

The world needs to be known, not ignored! We discuss giving our kids a global perspective in the video below.

Book Suggestions for Raising Globally Aware Kids

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Raising World Citizens Book List

Sometimes it’s not easy to be a world citizen when you’re homeschooling full time and trying to pay for math and science books. You can create an environment, though, that gives children a window of insight and also an appetite for pursuing global experiences when they’re adults.

Watch the video below to learn more!

Combine global awareness and language arts:
The titles above are available as Arrows and Boomerangs!

*NEW* The Brave Writer Lifestyle Plan!

Brave Writer Lifestyle Plan

Introducing: The Brave Writer Lifestyle Plan

Many of you have asked me how to fit in all the good stuff I recommend in what I call Brave Writer Lifestyle. You wish I would magically put the routine into your calendars and then you could just follow along. I gotchu!

I teamed up with The Homeschool Planet which is a digital calendar program that enables you to include not just the Brave Writer Lifestyle, but also ALL of your appointments, lesson plans for each child and other programs, as well as the Brave Writer goodness. The Homeschool Planet Planner is a monthly subscription, but the first month is FREE! You can test drive the Planner while you use the Brave Writer Lifestyle Plan. If you wish to continue, cool! If not, not to worry. The Brave Writer Lifestyle Plan will continue to be useful to you. You will have a PDF version of the Planner for free with the BWL Plan on it.

So there’s no reason not to give it a whirl! You can now use the Homeschool Planet planner and accompanying Brave Writer Lifestyle Plan to give you the gentle reminders to stay with your best intentions!

Each week I’ve carefully put together the routine that includes

  • read alouds,
  • poetry teatime,
  • video encouragement from me,
  • nature journaling,
  • movie viewing,
  • copywork and dictation and more!

The planner includes Brave Writer Lifestyle lesson plans for Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer! You can purchase one plan per season or buy them for a discount all together.

No other purchase needed except a subscription to Homeschool Planet which is an easy-to-use homeschool planner that gives you everything you need to organize your home and your home school.

What You Get

  • With each lesson plan, you get 65 days of activities that will foster a loving, language-rich life style for you and your children.
  • One-click access to pop-up videos, blog posts, articles, practice tips, and more.
  • Check boxes for you to check off as you complete the activities, giving you a permanent record of your progress in the Brave Write Lifestyle.
  • Automatic rescheduling of activities when “life happens.”
  • Automatic lesson plan updates as needed, with enhancements, link updates, etc. Note: You decide whether to apply the updates.

Check out The Brave Writer Lifestyle Plan!

Five Keys to Working with Teens

5 Keys to Working with Teens

1. Teens need risk and adventure in learning and life.

(TRANSLATION: you will be uncomfortable—that’s how you know they are taking risks or having adventures.)

2. Teens want to prove to themselves that they will be able to be adults one day.

(TRANSLATION: they will shock you with their opinions, choices, and occasional belligerence—it’s not personal.)

3. Teens want to be bailed out when they mess up.

(TRANSLATION: they still need their mommies and daddies to kiss their bruises, aka the bent fender, or the speeding ticket, or the missed deadline.)

4. Teens need conversation partners, not independence in learning.

(TRANSLATION: yes, they can work on daily tasks alone, but for meaningful education, they need an invested parent or adult who will talk to them about books, ideas, history, philosophy, politics, religion, and more. That person is you.)

5. Teens deserve hugs, LOTS of food, a twenty dollar bill slipped into their hand once in a while “just cuz” when they go out, and your curiosity about their music, games, and passions.

(TRANSLATION: learn what says “I love you” to a teen, and then do that A LOT no matter how messy the room gets, no matter how hard-headed they seem, no matter how inconsistently they love you back.)

You got this!

The Enchanted Education for Teens

Spring 2017 Class Registration is OPEN

Brave Writer 2017 Spring Class Registration is OPEN

Registration is OPEN for 2017 Spring Classes

Don’t wait! Brave Writer classes fill quickly!

Brave Writer online writing classes are so popular! We had a record number of students this fall. For spring, we have something for everyone. Click here for the Class Schedule at a glance.

Registration How To

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  2. Add your children after you’ve selected the class. ALL classes require both a parent and child to be associated with them, even if the parent is the primary student or the child is the primary student.
  3. If you are paying by charter school, check the “charter school payment option” and then put the name of the charter school in the comment box.
  4. Paypal and credit cards are both accepted for payment. Paypal issues its own receipts which will come separately in your email account associated with the payment.
  5. You are registered for the class when you have received an email receipt of your registration back from Brave Writer.


“My children and I are currently taking the Kidswrite Basic class with Brave Writer. It has been helpful to be guided through how to teach writing and I have a lot more confidence. I have homeschooled for over 10 years and writing has been the hardest subject for me to teach. They say to spend your money on your weakest area and that is what I did and feel it was well worth the investment.” ~Betsy Koster