Friday Freewrite: Movie Trailer

Friday Freewrite Movie Trailer

Summarize and narrate your week like an epic movie trailer.

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by Amy Frantz, Brave Writer alum

Rose Tyler is a normal 19-year-old young woman, she works a normal job, and has a normal boyfriend and a normal mother. Until one night after her shift ends, Rose is attacked by plastic mannequins animated by a strange power. Rose is saved by the mysterious “Doctor” and her normal life suddenly turns upside down. The Doctor is over nine hundred years old, he’s the last of a species called Time Lords, he can regenerate when he dies, and he has a ship that can travel anywhere in time and space, is bigger on the inside, and looks like a police telephone box. The Doctor offers to take Rose with him on his travels and the two embark on an adventure through the stars filled with laughter, heartache, and more than a few monsters.

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The original Doctor Who series began airing on the BBC in 1963 and ran until 1989 when it was taken off air. A movie, a line of books, and audio dramas were produced in the interim, but it wasn’t until 2005 that the show returned to television. Rebooted by new headwriter Russell T. Davies and executive producer Julie Gardner, starring Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor and Billie Piper as his companion Rose, Doctor Who leaped into the 21st Century (and across the pond) with a bang and resumed its place as a television staple.

The show has since changed headwriters twice and five different actors have played the titular role of the Doctor since the reboot, with Jodie Whittaker as the latest regeneration of the iconic Time Lord and the first woman to ever take on the role. But it all began in 2005 with Eccleston and Piper…and some very ill-behaved plastic dummies.

To most American ears, Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor having a Northern accent might not register. But within Doctor Who it was quite a big deal for the Doctor to speak in anything other than Received Pronunciation. What is Received Pronunciation? You may have also heard it called “the Queen’s English” and it is considered to be the “standard form” of “educated” southern British English. Eccleston speaking in a Northern accent opened the door for contemporary Doctors to use different accents outside of “standard speech,” such as Peter Capaldi’s Scottish accent.

Discussion Questions

  • In the reboot, an effort was made to make the Doctor/Companion relationship on more equal footing, instead of the kinds of “paternal” relationships previously shown. Do you think they succeeded? Why or why not?
  • Rose Tyler decides to run off with the Doctor and travel with him through space and time. If the Doctor showed up and made you the same offer, would you accept? Explain your answer.
  • In the third episode, Rose and the Doctor meet Charles Dickens. If you could travel back in time, who would you want to meet and what would you do if you did?
  • If you have watched multiple seasons of Doctor Who, who is your favorite Doctor and why?

Additional Resources

An Adventure in Space and Time – A dramatized look at the creation of the original TV show

Official Doctor Who YouTube Channel [spoilers for recent seasons; make sure you’re caught up before exploring]

DIY miniature light up TARDIS

Movie Discussion Club

Brave Writer Podcast: Morning Routines that Support Your Homeschool & Family

Brave Writer Podcast Morning Routines That Support Your Homeschool & Family

Welcome to Season 4 of the Brave Writer Podcast!

This season we’re releasing (via audio) our most popular YouTube broadcasts.
We’ll also sprinkle original content throughout.

Episode One of Season 4 is about a favorite topic: morning routines! We explore possible ways to structure your mornings, five things you can do before noon, and the difference between following a routine (liberating!) and enforcing a schedule (defeating).

This is NOT a list of things you need to do every morning if you want to have a good day of homeschooling—it is an exploration of how morning routines really helped our home school, and how they may be used to help you too.

Listen to the Podcast

Show Notes

The Big Morning Routine Myth

No practice that you adopt in homeschool works for all ages, for all time—so there is no plug-and-play system for developing an effective morning routine for your home school.

You will see changes in your family, so you need to be flexible. There may be moments where the routine is stifling, even though it used to give you life.

If your routine doesn’t feel good, if it isn’t satisfying, if it doesn’t support the well being of the family, then something needs to change.

“The morning routine is not your master – it is your servant, and you get to decide what works for your season and stage.”

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Dealing with Explosiveness

Dealing with Explosiveness

How do you handle a child’s explosive outburst?

Here are some ideas:

1. Rather than asking what’s going on with the child, first ask yourself: what’s going on in the house? What’s the tone? What happened preceding the outburst?

2. Ask: When did I last connect to this child? (As in, loving attention, kind interaction, mutual regard) Have I listened to him tell a story? Have I made eye contact with her or given a hug or shoulder squeeze (if the child responds positively to those gestures)?

3. Challenge yourself to reframe the behavior through the positive. Rather than calling it an angry, disrespectful outburst, can you describe the explosion in terms that are less judgmental:

  • he feels out of control,
  • she feels bereft,
  • he is looking for an ally,
  • he is frightened,
  • she is discovering her personal power to say NO to what she really really really does not like or want (all women need this power, by the way).

4. In the moment, can you respond in the opposite spirit? Go gentle when he goes harsh, go kind when she goes rude, go firm and clear when he is scattered and coming apart. To be kind and firm is supportive—”I’m right here. I feel your anger. I’ve got a bottle of bubbles. Want to show me how angry you are by blowing these bubbles?”

5. Or join with him: “That’s some powerful anger!” Then scream along side at full volume.

See if you can get the 360º aerial view, rather than taking it personally.

Q-TIP: Quit taking it personally.

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Friday Freewrite: Elemental

Friday Freewrite Elements

If you could control one element (earth, wind, fire, or water) which would you choose and how would you use it?

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