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Brave Writer's Holiday Shoppe is Coming Soon!
Happy Holidays!

Thank you for being such an awesome community of brave homeschoolers!

To celebrate, we’re offering you a 30% off coupon code that can be used on ALL Brave Writer products (not classes) for 24 hours starting 9:00 AM Eastern on Cyber Monday!


Cyber Monday (Nov. 27) is also the opening of our annual Holiday Shoppe! We’ve highlighted items that will be wonderful gifts for you or a friend. Note: some items in the Shoppe are not compatible with the discount code but may be offered at a reduced price.

We’re most excited about: our new 2018 Brave Writer calendar below!

*BRAND NEW* 2018 Brave Writer Lifestyle Calendar

2018 Brave Writer Calendar

Available Monday in our Holiday Shoppe—a way to both invest deeply in your homeschool and keep a record of it!

Hang our beautiful new calendar on a wall and use it to record the Brave Writer Lifestyle moments you share with your kids. Each month, we feature a different aspect of the Brave Writer lifestyle in a big, cheery image. On the back of the calendar, you’ll find a link that takes you to the Brave Writer Lifestyle pages of our website that provide oodles of ideas for each one.

Use the date boxes during the month to make a note of when you implemented the activity!

Other holiday gift suggestions:

Get ready!

  • Take a look around the store now for Brave Writer materials and curricula.
  • Forward this blog post to a friend (or spouse! or parent!).
  • Mark the date and see you Monday!

Movie Wednesday: Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Movie Wednesday: Mr. Popper's Penguins

Divorced real estate entrepreneur Thomas Popper lives a completely different life to that of his late father, who traveled all over the world. But it looks like adventure is in store for Mr. Popper after all, when six penguins arrive one after the other in the mail!

A present from Mr. Popper’s father’s last trip, the penguins turn his son’s life upside down. But will his new friends help Mr. Popper make peace with his family, or would it be kinder to donate them to the zoo and move on with his life?

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In 1938, two American authors, Richard and Florence Atwater, published a children’s book titled Mr. Popper’s Penguins. In 1939 it was named a Newbery Honor Book; and in 2011 it was adapted by Warner Bros into a feature length family film.

Richard Atwater began writing what would become Mr. Popper’s Penguins after watching a documentary with his family about the Antarctic. He suffered a stroke, however, and could no longer continue writing. His wife, Florence, made revisions to his manuscript in order to get it published and the book has gone on to be considered a children’s classic.

The film, starring Jim Carrey, is only loosely based on the book and won a BMI Award for its score.

Discussion Questions

  • Do you think adaptations should stick as close to the source material as possible or should they take more creative license? Explain your answer.
  • The penguins are a mix of CGI and real penguins. Can you tell? Would it have worked better if they had been realized in a different way? Why or why not.
  • In the original book, Mr. Popper lives in Stillwater, Oklahoma, but in the film he lives in New York. Do you think this makes the story more accessible to an international audience?
  • Mr. Popper’s assistant Pippi constantly uses words beginning with “p.” Describe what it might be like to spend a day using lots of words beginning with the first letter of your name.

Additional Resources

20 Facts About Penguins

Penguin Birthday Party

A Quiver of ArrowsLearn language arts with the Mr. Popper’s Penguins Quiver of Arrows!

A Quiver of Arrows is designed for children in the Partnership Writing stage of development (typically, first and second graders who are beginning to read and write). When purchased as a part of the ten issue Quiver product, the individual price drops to $7.90.

Poetry, Fanfiction, and Chronic Illness with Susanne Barrett

brave Shift Podcast S3E10 Susanne Barrett

As I considered guests for this season of the podcast, it occurred to me that I had never shared our most senior Brave Writer instructor with you! Susanne Barrett and I are homeschool friends, writing colleagues, fellow Californians, and passionate writers. Susanne has taught with Brave Writer for more than a decade, instructing our high school students in topics ranging from the MLA Research Essay to Fan Fiction to Shakespeare! She shares on the podcast about all of that and more—including her own struggle with chronic illness in the midst of her very full life.

Episode 10: Susanne Barrett

Susanne homeschooled her four children, has over 2 million fans of her fan fiction, and is one of our most beloved writing instructors. She shares her teaching and personal writing experiences on today’s episode!

Listen to the Podcast

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Coming soon to the Brave Writer blog, we’ll be featuring interviews with our fabulous writing instructors. Here’s our first written interview with Susanne Barrett!

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Friday Freewrite: Chimera

Friday Freewrite Chimera

Chimera are mythical creatures made up of the parts of different animals (example: a lion with a snake’s head). Make your own chimera using two or more different animals and describe how it might look and move about.

New to freewriting? Check out our online guide.

SPRING 2018 Writing Class Schedule

2018 Spring Writing Class Schedule

The 2018 Spring Online Writing Class Schedule is up!

Class sessions start in January.

Registration opens Monday Dec 4, 2017 (Noon ET)

Our Brave Writer Online Writing Classes are truly unique in the homeschool market. Over 20,000 families have studied writing with us with wonderful results.

Our talented instructors are published authors and homeschool parents. They provide you with both writing and homeschool coaching, to help you dry the tears and foster a culture of writing in your family.

Brave Writer is all about personal investment and connection. Our instructors supply a deep commitment of time, and gentle, practical instruction that leads to happy, improved writers.

Our writing classes are built from the workshop, writing support group model.

  • Each participant is valued as a person, not just as a student.
  • Writing feedback is detailed, friendly, and thorough.
  • Our instructors recognize that they have a sacred trust with your children; they aim to ensure that each student feels heard, read, and supported in deepening both skill and insight in his or her writing.
  • Our classes are brief and easy to use. You don’t have to commit to a full semester! You can sign up for a 3-6 week class, do a deep dive, and then take a break!
  • No required login time, no headset or special technology required.

Learn more here!

Important Change

Kidswrite intermediate, our most popular high school essay prep class, has exploded out of its britches! We have so much material we want to teach your kids about the essay—how to read, how to think, how to cite—that we’ve reconfigured the class into three month-long topics.

*NEW* Essay Prep Series:

Take them in any order, take one or all of them. Up to you!

Watch this 30+ minute video for detailed information about each class.

Brave Writer Spring Writing Class Schedule

Spring Class Registration opens at noon ET on Dec. 4 (Set your alarm clocks!). Sign up for the Arrow and Boomerang Book Clubs then too.

Spring is a great time to JUMP into Brave Writer online writing classes. If you want to reboot your homeschool experience of writing, let us help you!

See the 2018 Spring Class Schedule HERE