Arrow Book Club: October 2019

Arrow Book Club

Got big readers at home, devouring library books one by one? We’ve got a way to make those books last a little longer! A book club!

Save yourself the hassle of hosting though! We’ve got it all laid out for you.

Log in to the Brave Writer classroom and find:

  • enthusiastic conversationalists
  • thought-provoking questions
  • exposure to diverse opinions
  • a writing coach providing activities
  • opportunities to dig deep

All you need to do is provide the snacks!

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Here’s what Brave Writers (ages 9-12) will be reading in our October Arrow Book Club:

Merci Suárez Changes Gears by Meg Medina

This novel is the 2019 Newbery winner. It’s a heartwarming (and sometimes heart wrenching) coming-of-age story with a delightfully relatable protagonist—Merci! As she navigates 6th grade, Merci struggles with the developmental and emotional changes that come with growing up. Along with her typical tween-concerns, she must also come to understand and accept the changes brought to her tight-knit family when the effects of Alzheimer’s disease alter her beloved grandfather. This is a story about growing up, growing old, and growing as a family.

Purchase the novel here.

Arrow Book Club

Friday Freewrite: Bugs

Friday Freewrite

Are all insects treated the same in your house? For instance, do you save ladybugs but swat flies? Why or why not.

New to freewriting? Check out our online guide.

Online Classes Aren’t Just for Kids!

Collaboration is tied to the best outcomes in learning. 

Working together promotes:

  • Positive atmosphere and attitude
  • Modeling of learning strategies
  • Reduced anxiety and increased focus
  • Practice articulating ideas out loud 
  • Absorption and incorporation of feedback
  • Negotiating to find shared solutions

These are essential cognitive skills in learning—and in the workplace!

Collaboration is one of our key principles of learning at Brave Writer, and we embrace it in our online classes. We value it so much, we’ve created a slew of Family Classes like our Shakespeare Family Workshop where parents are welcome to participate alongside kids! 

Brave Writer’s Shakespeare Family Workshop is a hands-on class for you and your whole family. (A ready-made opportunity for you to learn together!) Perfect for those who have not yet introduced a study of Shakespeare into their homeschools and for families who feel daunted by the Bard. 

Through craft projects, discussions, and group research, you’ll learn about Shakespeare’s life and times, his unique writing style, and more!

You won’t find classes like these anywhere else. For one price, the entire family embarks on a journey of

  • exploration,
  • writing together,
  • and supporting one another.

Help helps! 

Shakespeare Family Workshop

The Challenge of Teaching Writing

The Challenge of Teaching Writing

No matter how many miles I travel, every group of home educators I meet can talk a noisy blue streak about how challenging it is to teach writing.

They say similar stuff:

  • it’s too subjective,
  • their kids’ hands hurt,
  • they lack confidence in their own writing so how can they teach it?
  • there are tears,
  • their kids can’t think of anything to write,
  • the parents feel appalled by messy handwriting or so many spelling errors.

On and on goes the list.

Often when I’m speaking, I invite parents to share with each other, and suddenly the room erupts in animated conversation, laughter, and commiseration!

It’s worth asking: why?! Why is this the case? Does it need to be? I say an emphatic “No” and then we talk about it.

If you find teaching writing difficult then you’re not alone, and you’re in the right place! Here are some suggestions:

Take advantage of the Brave Writer website, blog, and YouTube channel. They’re filled with helpful tips and resources. If you’re brand new start here.

Download our 7-Day Writing Blitz for an introduction to how painless teaching writing can be!

And feel free to email us ( with any questions.

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For in depth coaching, join The Homeschool Alliance!

The Homeschool Alliance

Friday Freewrite: For 24 Hours

Friday Freewrite

You’re given the ability to switch places with anyone in the world for 24 hours. Who would you choose? Now describe what it might be like for the other person to live your life for a day.

New to freewriting? Check out our online guide.