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Email: Fans of The Writer’s Jungle

Hi everyone.

I wrote The Writer’s Jungle in 1999, published it in 2000. Since then, we’ve sold several thousand copies and I revised it once (adding a lengthy preface in 2005 which is what we call the “second edition”). This morning, I received two emails that enthused about the content. I wanted to share those with you.

The Writer’s Jungle is still your best writing resource and will last you the longest time. Save your money. Don’t buy dozens of writing programs. Learn how to be your child’s best writing ally and coach now so that you can support your kids all the way through homeschool and beyond. Enjoy.


I just wanted to drop a note to say, after waiting several years for my kids to be ‘old enough’ and reading your emails and blog for ages, for my birthday this past weekend I received my very own copy of The Writer’s Jungle and I am loving it! Even my husband is enjoying listening to me go on and on about all the cool (sorry, you banned that adjective … how about incredible?) information in it.

It’s such an affirming book. You’re so right, ‘real’ writers don’t do it the way so many textbooks teach, they do it the way you’re describing in your book. It’s a lesson I’ve been trying to learn myself these past four years (since your blog got me hooked on NaNoWriMo, thanks!), and I really enjoy reading a guide that will help me translate this into something I can teach my children. (Who, at 7 and 4, are also hooked on NaNo. LOL.)

My husband is also laughing because he’s never seen me read anything so slowly before (I devour most books), but I keep telling him I can’t read it when the kids are up because I might miss something, and I have to read it slowly because it’s got so many wise bits in it.

Anyway, I’m sure you get lots of raves about the book, but I just wanted to add my Thanks to everyone else’s. I am so excited to get this, this year, because it had been on my curriculum list but our budget ended up taking some hits and I had to take it off. So I am very excited about this birthday gift from my dear dh!

Thank you for being such a patient mentor to so many moms!

(P.S. I did take one of your Writing for Fun adult classes one summer, and also enjoyed that one … still have fun memories of the activities!)

I am reading The Writer’s Jungle now and I am very inspired by your method.  Find myself laughing along the way as the experience and struggles you have seems so similar to mine.  Excellent job and thanks for sharing so many wonderful experiences and “cure” with us homeschoolers.

God bless and shalom,

If you’re trying to think about how to make the most of your writing year, start now, start here. The Writer’s Jungle has been helping moms for nearly ten years now. Use this summer to revamp how you understand writing so that come fall, you’ll be excited and primed for making writing a meaningful and satisfying (even fun!) part of your kids’ lives.