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Friday Freewrite: Smells

Go on a “sniffing” expedition through the house. Identify as many fragrances, odors, aromas, scents, and smells as you can. Jot them down (on a clipboard or note pad). Then come back, set the timer, and write anything you want to about what your nose discovered!

Friday Freewrite: Write around

Friday Freewrite: Try this with your writers today. Each person writes a sentence at the top of a page (moms included). Pass it to the right. Add a sentence (it should follow along, building on what’s already there). Pass it to the right again. Set the timer, now write!

Friday Freewrite: Holiday Foods

Write about one food tradition in your family for Thanksgiving.

Friday Freewrite: Long time

What is the longest time you ever waited for someone or something? Why did you wait?

Friday Freewrite: Tongue Twisters

Pcik a letter and string together a sentence with as many words that start with that sound as possible. If you run out, pick another letter. Don’t worry about sense! Be nonsensical. Ready, go!