Get Ready: 2022-2023 Book Reveal!

Brave Writer Book Reveal

Book Reveal Dates & New Product (ages 5-8) Alert!

It’s almost that time of year when our families get a little nutty enthusiastic.

They’re excited for good reason! 

Each June, I announce the newly selected book titles for the coming academic year for our mechanics and literature programs Dart, Arrow, Boomerang, and Slingshot.

We’ll also introduce Quill for ages 5-8!

These programs are designed to teach your kids the mechanics of writing through living literature!

The big reveal is exciting because these are:

  • books your family will read aloud together and treasure all year 
  • books that naturally teach writing mechanics and introduce literary elements

Here at Brave Writer, we take the selection of these book titles Very Seriously!

All year, we read, discuss, and delight in the year’s latest fiction as well as relishing the classics.

  • We aim for diversity of authorship and protagonists.
  • We incorporate a variety of genres: fantasy to the classics.
  • We carefully orchestrate the sequence of the books.
  • We balance book length against the holiday demands of a given month.
  • We alternate moving, poignant books with silly, lighthearted books.
  • We launch the year with a sure-fire winner and end with a warmhearted one.

By the time we’ve settled on a book list, we’re chomping at the bit to share it with you!
You can expect a lively, inspired reading journey.

Stay tuned for info about the live 2022–2023 reveal! It’s always a blast!

In the meantime…

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Get ready for an incredible journey through literature in 2022-2023!

The Book Reveals are free to attend and we highly recommend watching with your children! Special snacks, yes! Confetti, of course!

See you then!

Brave Writer Book Reveal

Friday Freewrite: Most likely to…

Friday Freewrite

Which friends and family members would best fit these superlatives (which means “of the highest quality or degree”) and why:

Most likely to…

  • be the life of the party
  • win a bake-off
  • make a speech
  • sing and dance on Broadway
  • become a superhero
  • write an award-winning novel
  • play a professional sport
  • start a band
  • visit Mars
  • _______________ (feel free to make up more)

New to freewriting? Check out our online guide.

Podcast: Finding Deeper Value Without (and Within) Motherhood with Erin Lane

Brave Writer Podcast

On today’s Brave Writer podcast, we talk about motherhood like you’ve never heard it before!

I have five grown children and two grandchildren (with another on the way), and have been deeply invested in the wellbeing of mothers and motherhood for decades. It feels as if there’s little left to learn in that space for me.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered Erin Lane’s book, Someone Other Than a Mother: Flipping the Scripts on a Woman’s Purpose and Making Meaning Beyond Motherhood, and felt the full richness of myself as a woman, a mother, and a human.

Erin shares from her personal experience as a foster parent and then adoptive mother. She subverts the expectations associated with motherhood and offers women an opportunity to consider the fulness of what it means to be an adult. She explores the “act of mothering” as opposed to the role of “mother” and its power in our social and even political context.

This conversation is going to deepen and enrich your sense of womanhood in ways you could not have imagined.

Show Notes


Connect with Julie

Brave Writer Podcast

Customer Choice Awards!

Brave Writer Customer Choice Awards

We know! It’s hard to pick just ONE favorite Dart, Arrow, Boomerang, or Slingshot from the 2021–2022 year!

They each have so much to offer—sparking dynamic Big Juicy Conversations about writing mechanics, literature, and more.

But we know you can do it!

Spend some time reminiscing with your kids about the year, then cast your vote!  


Vote on all four lists or just one—it’s up to you.

Voting is open May 16–22.

We’ll announce the winners and honorable mentions on May 24th. Will your favorite win—or will you discover a new favorite just waiting to be read by you and your kids?

Thanks for helping us select our Customer Choice Award winners!

Tune into the Brave Writer Book Revels on June 1 and 2 to hear the 2022–2023 book selections!

We look forward to another engaging year of learning!

Brave Writer

Sneak Peek: Growing Brave Writers!

Growing Brave Writers

I’ve got a brand new writing manual for you and I can’t wait to tell you about it. Sign up for a webinar where I walk you through all the new wonderful features.

Sign up here

Growing Brave Writers is the essential training you need to be the delightful writing coach your children deserve. Implement specific practices and activities that release the writer within your child. End writer’s block!

Growing Brave Writers

Together, you and your kids will: 

  • play games
  • grow a rich vocabulary
  • do research
  • freewrite
  • revise
  • edit
  • polish fiction and nonfiction writing

Each chapter contains:

  • A coaching guide for a writing practice
  • A writing activity with detailed instructions
  • A checklist for completion
  • A sample written narrative of skills mastered

An appendix features:

  • Writing samples for the activities
  • Directions for how to use the program in co-ops and schools
  • A planning model to apply to your calendar

Most programs tell students what to write. We show them how to write.

Nearly a quarter century of breakthroughs in writing with tens of thousands of students from all over the world—this program works!

PRE-SALES open on JUNE 1, 2022.

Growing Brave Writers is a 200+ page PDF file. It’s non-consumable, and applies to students of all ages (5–18). It supports a writer doing any kind of writing, including assignments in other programs or classes, for homeschooled and traditionally schooled students.

Growing Brave Writers

Friday Freewrite: Unlucky?

Friday Freewrite

Number 13 wants to change its image. It doesn’t want to be considered unlucky anymore, so it hires you to write a convincing speech. What would it say?

New to freewriting? Check out our online guide.