Friday Freewrite: Musical Instruments

Friday Freewrite

What musical instruments would best represent family members and friends? Explain your choices.

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Are You Exhausted?

Are You Exhausted?

Are you exhausted? Looking for a patch of sunshine and a mud bath? I feel ya!

Whether you are two days or two weeks in, it’s absolutely natural to feel totally wiped. Not only are we all still carrying the invisible stress of COVID vigilance, not only are some of us recovering from hurricanes or literally escaping wild fires, not only are we fighting for Black lives to matter, not only are we worried about our kids and digital media, but all of us are trying to love, nourish, educate, and raise the generation that’s going to deal with the aftermath of all these crises! It’s a lot.

So yeah. You might feel a teensy bit ready to collapse. And that’s okay. It’s in fact part of the marathon training of homeschool.

You’ll get more comfortable with being less “productive” as the year goes on. You’ll:

  • skip the boring book,
  • deep dive into one subject without guilt,
  • understand that learning happens even on chaotic days,
  • not have to prepare so much.

Your kids will remind you of what they need, and you’ll learn how you learn together.

So put your feet up on three pillows (truly, get your feet above your heart) and let that stress drain from you. Breathe. Be.

Regroup tomorrow.

You’re doing important work. Pace yourself. We need you!

Wise Saying: Be like the bison. Sun, sleep, mud masks.

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Brave Learner Home

Brave Learner Home: Feb. 2021

Brave Learner Home: Family Heritage

It’s 2021 and all of us are in need of some nurturing and inspiration. I know I am.

That’s why I can’t wait for you to meet our guest speaker for February.

The first time I heard her captivate an audience was at a homeschool conference where we were both featured speakers. From the moment Amber O’Neal Johnston (Heritage Mom) began, I was riveted.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that I got chills multiple times as her melodic voice of passion retold her stories and wrapped us in possibilities for our own families.

You will not want to miss February. It’s going to be an exceptional webinar and month of learning together.

Family Heritage

How many of us want to do a better job of helping our children learn about our family heritage?

Many of us are digging through ancestry websites, old photographs, memories, and letters for a better understanding of who we are and where we come from.

Our February speaker in the Brave Learner Home is the perfect person to help us travel that distance back to ourselves and our family roots.

Join us and Amber O’Neal Johnston 

  • Thursday, February 11, 7 pm ET
  • Webinar: Building a Culturally-rich Family Atmosphere

Amber looks forward to helping us discover the traditions and heritage hidden inside our families. She has ideas for how to go on that journey of investigation into that richness.

Amber is known for her HeritageMom blog and HeritageMom Instagram. She’s a writer and speaker for Wild + Free and a world-schooling Charlotte Mason homeschooler.

Amber has relied on life-giving books and a culturally-rich environment for her four homeschooled kids. Amber recommends we create “mirrors and windows for all children to see themselves and others reflected” in the books we choose for homeschooling.

Brave Learner Home

Friday Freewrite: In Three Words

Friday Freewrite

Describe each of these events (and feel free to include ones not listed if you’d like) in exactly THREE words:

  • Your last birthday
  • Your favorite meal
  • The best day ever
  • The funniest experience
  • Your most embarrassing moment

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“Live honestly, write bravely.”

Live Honestly Write Bravely

“Live honestly, write bravely.”

Will we? Can we?

I listened to an interview with author Zadie Smith on Literary Friction. She isn’t on social media. Why? Because as the Internet has evolved in the last 30 years, she asserts that what we share and post is held accountable for purity, for clarity, for identification with a perspective. The complexity of our selves is hidden. We’ve all become mini-brands, rather than the complicated, filled-with-contradictions people we are.

It struck a chord with me. If I have to maintain a certain belief and never reveal doubts in public, I become alienated from my own thoughts. I drive my uncertainties and qualms underground to uphold an image.

Peter Elbow, my writing guru, recommends private writing as the antidote—a place to put your truest thoughts, to get to know your own mind again. We can give this gift to our children too. We can take time to write together. We can protect that writing from readers: no one reads it except the writer. Children and parents write at the same time, that writing goes in a private folder only for the child’s eyes (not yours either).

  • No curating.
  • No pretending.
  • No fulfilling someone else’s image of you, including parents.

In a day and time when ALL writing is publicly curated for an audience, to live honestly and write bravely means getting to know your insides again without the demands of an audience.

Try it. You may like it.

I know I do.

This post is originally from Instagram and @juliebravewriter is my account there so come follow along for more conversations like this one.

Brave Learner Home