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Brave Writer Precept #10: We Will Come to Know Ourselves

Brave Writer Precept 10

The tenth Brave Writer precept is: We will come to know ourselves better as educators, parents, and awesome adults!

When you embark on homeschooling, you develop as a person! It’s one of the most delightful side effects of this lifestyle.

My confidence grew as I learned how:

  • to parent,
  • to educate,
  • and to become an awesome adult—living out the privilege of being old enough to do all the things I dreamed of as a child.

What’s one gift you have received by homeschooling or parenting? What’s an aspiration you’ve fulfilled as an awesome adult?

Brave Writer’s 12 Precepts

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Friday Freewrite: Time Flies

Friday Freewrite

When people say “time flies” they usually mean that time seems to pass very quickly. But what if time could actually fly? Describe what that might be like from Time’s perspective.

New to freewriting? Check out our online guide.

[Podcast #214] Asian-American History with Resilient Panda

Brave Writer Podcast

In the realm of educational resources, Essie and Hsin-Fu Wu, the founders of Resilient Panda History, aim to fill a neglected niche in the homeschooling world.

With a deep commitment to educating young minds about the rich tapestry of Asian American history, Essie and Hsin-Fu, both homeschooling parents, have pioneered a path for inclusive learning.

Hsin-Fu and Essie Wu
Hsin-Fu Wu and Essie Wu

Their innovative approach to education, embodied in their Streams: Chinese American History for Kids guide, stems from a personal journey rooted in passion and a profound understanding of the importance of cultural representation.

Show Notes

A Personal Quest to Fill an Educational Gap

The story of Resilient Panda History began with Essie’s curiosity about the rich Chinese American history in Southern Arizona. Recognizing the glaring gap in educational materials on Asian American history, they were inspired to create resources that would not only educate but also resonate with children and families alike. Hsin-Fu’s experiences as a first-generation immigrant further fueled this mission. His personal narrative underscores the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the contributions and sacrifices of Asian American ancestors, ensuring their stories are not just heard but also felt and understood.

Empowering Through Diverse Narratives and Interactive Learning

One of the most critical takeaways from our conversation with Essie and Hsin-Fu is the power of diverse narratives in shaping young minds. The STREAMS guide utilizes a wide array of media to make history engaging and relatable, including:

  • picture books,
  • poetry,
  • and artwork.

But it’s not just about reading; it’s about experiencing. The guide encourages interactive learning, such as making fortune cookies, allowing children to immerse themselves in the cultural aspects of the stories they read.

Moreover, the guide is a testament to the importance of family involvement in education. By engaging in activities together, families not only learn about history but also about each other, creating a stronger bond and a shared understanding of their heritage.

A Call to Action for Parents and Educators

We deeply value educational diversity and cultural representation and echo Essie and Hsin-Fu’s call to action. It’s essential for parents and educators alike to incorporate resources like Resilient Panda History in their teaching. By doing so, we not only broaden our children’s horizons but also instill in them a sense of empathy and understanding toward different cultures and histories.

The journey of Essie and Hsin-Fu Wu with Resilient Panda History is not just a story of educational resource creation; it’s a narrative of resilience, diversity, and the power of stories. Their work reminds us that every child deserves to see themselves in the stories they read and understand the diverse world they are a part of.


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Brave Writer Podcast

Brave Writer Precept #9: Our Allegiance is to What’s Right for Our Family

Brave Writer Precept #9

The ninth Brave Writer precept is: Our allegiance is to what’s right for our family, not any one homeschool method, community, or model.

Today’s precept fits PERFECTLY with a Tea with Julie podcast I did called Finding a Homeschool Philosophy that Works for You. In that brief episode I remind home educators that their primary loyalty is always to their family—not someone else’s standards.

This may surprise you if you come out of the school system where you are used to being measured by teachers, transcripts, or the expectations of others.

A home education is specifically tailored to your family.

You have the power to:

  • make choices,
  • experiment and take risks,
  • be sure that the learning is meeting the needs of your specific children.

I invite you to pop in your headphones and listen to my little pep talk. It’s 7 minutes long and is available on the Brave Writer blog (includes show notes), Spotify, Apple podcasts, or any podcasting platform.

Brave Writer’s 12 Precepts

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