[Podcast #223] Lessons from Leaving a Cult with Sarah Edmondson and Nippy Ames (The Vow)

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In our latest Brave Writer podcast episode, we took a closer look at the tough topic of leaving cults and the importance of thinking for ourselves.

We had a deep chat with Sarah Edmondson and Anthony ‘Nippy’ Ames, who shared their brave story of getting out of the NXIVM cult.

Sarah and Nippy
Sarah and Nippy

This episode isn’t just about their story; it’s about how we all can learn to think more critically and stand up for our own beliefs.

Important note about content: Since the Brave Writer podcast is usually a family-friendly show, I wanted to make you aware that the content of this episode touches on adult experiences and there’s a pretty casual use of language throughout, so you might want to listen with earbuds or tune into this particular episode when your kids are not in earshot.

Show Notes

Thinking for Ourselves

One big takeaway from our talk is how crucial it is to always ask questions and think critically. Cults, and really any kind of misleading information, rely on people not questioning what they’re told. By teaching ourselves and others to always question and think deeply about the information we come across, we can protect ourselves from being misled.

Learning as a Way Out

Education plays a huge role in helping people move away from cults. When we learn about how cults work and the tricks they use to control people, we’re better equipped to avoid them. This is why it’s so important to include lessons on how to think critically and how to spot misleading information in what we teach our kids and each other.

Support for Those Affected

Recovering from being in a cult is a tough journey, but there are a lot of resources out there to help. Support groups, books, and podcasts like Sarah Edmondson’s can offer guidance and understanding to those trying to rebuild their lives after leaving a cult.

The Power of Sharing Stories

Sarah’s book, “Scarred,” and the “A Little Bit Culty” podcast are great examples of how sharing stories can help. These stories not only raise awareness about cults but also show people going through similar experiences that they’re not alone and that there’s a way out.

Building Strength and Keeping the Conversation Going

Sarah and Nippy’s story underlines how important it is to be resilient and to keep talking about these issues. By sharing our own experiences and what we’ve learned, we can create a supportive community where everyone feels heard and understood. This is how we help each other stay strong and keep our minds open.

Reflecting on this conversation, we’re reminded of how powerful education and open conversations can be in overcoming challenges. Even though our chat was about cults, the lessons we talked about apply to all areas of life. As we go through our own learning journeys, let’s remember the importance of questioning, understanding, and supporting each other.


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