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As an educator deeply embedded in the homeschooling world, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of writing when taught as a natural and enjoyable practice. Yet, the essence of our message transcends the confines of any single medium. It’s about fostering a love of writing in our children—seeing it not as a task but as a playground for their imagination.

Tune in to today’s Brave Writer podcast as we talk about pleasure in writing.

Show Notes

Writing as Play: Blurring the Lines Between Structured Learning and Creativity

Our approach to teaching writing is akin to nurturing a garden. It’s about creating an ecosystem where writing thrives as a form of play, not a chore. Children are at their most expressive when they play, uninhibited and vibrant. Imagine if writing held the same allure. This is the heart of our educational philosophy—where writing is an extension of a child’s natural way of communicating and interacting with the world.

Joyful Expression: Encouraging a Love for Words

In my years of guiding young writers, I’ve embraced methods like the ‘jot it down’ technique, encouraging children to spill their thoughts onto paper without the pressure of correctness. This method celebrates the raw delight of expressing oneself, awakening the rich vocabulary that lies dormant within. Creative exercises like blackout poetry or crafting word collages also serve this mission, presenting language as a tapestry of expression waiting to be woven by youthful hands.

The Personal Chronicle: Valuing Each Child’s Unique Story

I often speak of the profound value found in personal writings, whether they be diaries, journals, or even doodles on a whiteboard. They are more than just exercises in writing; they are archives of the soul. These personal chronicles capture a child’s unique view of their world, often offering more intimate glimpses into their thoughts and experiences than any photograph could.

A Morning of Laughter: Rethinking Routines to Embrace Playfulness

Why should our days begin with work when they can start with laughter and play? In my family, we often flipped the script, starting with what delights us. This philosophy can seamlessly extend to the educational space. By beginning with activities that spark joy, we set a tone that carries into more structured learning. Writing, in this light, becomes another facet of play—a delightful venture.

The narrative here is not just about writing. It’s about how we, as educators and parents, can kindle the fires of creativity and joy in our children’s education. Writing is a magnificent journey, and when taught with this spirit of enthusiasm and play, it becomes a lifelong companion to our children—one that holds the promise of endless exploration and delight.


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