[Podcast #208] The Emotional Impact of Divorce – Part One

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On today’s Brave Writer podcast, we dive into the emotional aspect of divorce, especially its impact on children.

From my personal experience as a child of divorce and later, as a divorced woman, I hope to shed light on finding stability post-divorce. A friend once encouraged me during my tough times saying, “Julie, keep going. We have cookies on the other side.” This simple phrase became a beacon of hope, suggesting a promising life post-divorce.

In this episode (part one of two), we’ll discuss the emotional layers of divorce to better understand and support those going through it, whether you’re directly affected or know someone who is.

Show Notes

Considering the Emotional Toll on Children

Divorce can be hard, especially for children caught in the middle. My own journey through divorce, filled with concern for my children, led me to Elizabeth Marquardt’s book, “Between Two Worlds: The Inner Lives of Children of Divorce”. It helped during those challenging times. Today, we’ll discuss the emotional dilemmas surrounding divorce decisions and its impact on family dynamics, with a focus on the emotional burden on children.

Impacts of Divorce

Divorce changes the lives of everyone involved in a number of ways. Let’s look at some aspects of life that take a toll, for better or worse:

  • Concept of Home: The idea of ‘home’ changes post-divorce. My experience of setting up a new home with my mother post-divorce was a mix of challenges and discoveries. Judith Wallerstein’s study highlights the disrupted sense of home for children, a theme echoed in “Between Two Worlds”. The change in the concept of ‘home’ post-divorce can be unsettling but also opens doors for self-discovery and empowerment.
  • Loss of Family Narratives: Divorce often leads to a rewriting of family stories. This change extends to economic aspects too, sometimes requiring lifestyle adjustments. Despite the financial changes, maintaining some financial consistency can help cushion the emotional impact for children.
  • Homeschooling Challenges in the Context of Divorce: Divorce also affects homeschooling dynamics, sometimes turning it into a point of conflict in family discussions. However, changes in schooling can also lead to enriching experiences, as seen in my family’s transition from homeschooling to public schooling post-divorce.
  • Religious Values and Divorce: Divorce may also affect religious values, especially in devout families, raising questions in young minds. Today’s discussion, enriched by insights from the book “Raising Critical Thinkers”, explores how nurturing curiosity and understanding can help navigate these complex issues.
  • Positive Aspects of Change: Change, although stemming from challenging circumstances, can lead to growth and new experiences. Today’s episode explores how embracing these changes can foster understanding and exploration for both adults and children.

Navigating Divorce and its Impacts on Families

Exploring the impacts of divorce requires deep thought, especially on its effects on the most vulnerable family members. Today, we’ll discuss resources and insights to aid in this journey, emphasizing the importance of individual counseling and informed decision-making. Through the tough times, clarity will eventually emerge, guiding the way to firm decisions and, eventually, to new beginnings.

Our discussion today aims not just to explore the emotional challenges of divorce, but also to extend understanding and support for those going through it. Whether you are touched by divorce or supporting someone who is, today’s episode aims to provide empathy and insight.


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