Brave Writer Precept #3: Our Practice is Flexible

Brave Writer Precept

The third Brave Writer precept is: Our practice is flexible—guided by a child’s curiosity, a parent’s broader knowledge of the world, and the unique opportunities that come our way.

When I thought about what creates momemtum in a home oriented to learning, I realized there were core principles that are common to the families that are experiencing the most joy and peace. I’ve written them into 12 Precepts (a nod to the 12 steps).

Take a look at past precepts here.

Our kids have an insatiable curiosity as they come into the world. They can’t know all the possibilities that await them. That’s where your bigger view helps expand their world! Create the richness that keeps their curiosity blooming with things like:

  • Quality books
  • Introductions to experts (like astronomers or guitar players or farmers)
  • Excursions to historic sites

And thinking of good books, we’ve got a slew of ideas to guide you in our literature handbooks. This is a completely original program meant to create a vibrant leaning experience for you and your kids.

Here’s to expanding your child’s curiosity with your broader knowledge of the world!

Brave Writer’s 12 Precepts

Brave Learner Home

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