Brave Writer Precept #2: Kids Learn at Their Own Pace

Brave Writer Precepts

The second Brave Writer precept is: We are a family of learners—parents and children—making progress each at our own pace.

Our kids each learn at their own pace, in their own ways. Home accommodates their unique needs so easily, when we lean into it.

What many parents discover is what I call the “secret agenda” of homeschooling. As you teach your children, you discover the holes in your own education!

The family, then, becomes a learning community. We may start for our kids, but many times we continue because we fall in love with learning all over again (or maybe even for the first time!).

The Homeschool Journey

To begin a homeschool journey is simple:

  • Let the authorities in your state know (if required) that you are withdrawing your children from school
  • Find a supportive community (Brave Learner Home is one we offer—over 13K members!)
  • Read The Brave Learner (to orient you)
  • Pick one subject to learn how to teach (for instance, Growing Brave Writers)

Then with your kids (sprinkle these throughout the month):

  • Read aloud a chapter book or picture books each day
  • Visit the library and have your kids pick a variety of books (both fiction and nonfiction) to explore other subjects
  • Have BIG, juicy conversations
  • Play board games
  • Walk in nature
  • Make crafts
  • Watch movies
  • Sip tea and read poetry

This is all you need to do during the first month.

That’s it.

You can use the rest of the time you are free to do some research for curricula that satisfies some of the objectives you determine for your kids.

De-School First

You don’t have to spin all the plates on day one! In fact, please don’t! Enjoy your children and follow the rabbit trails that interest you.

If you are pondering whether or not to take the leap, it’s helpful to remember: you can always undo your choice.

Brave Writer’s 12 Precepts

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