Make Learning Stick: Middle School Writers

Brave Writer Middle School Writers

Middlers are my favorite! They’re more competent than ever but still have a great sense of humor and playfulness in their approach to learning. 

I bet you want to ensure they are well prepared for high school.

I bet they want to ensure they get to pursue what interests them.

Good news!

Our Middle School Writers bundle does all of that!

  • Includes both oral and written activities for language skill growth
  • Teaches academic writing skills: interviewing, conducting research, identifying credible data, organizing writing into a report, writing poetry, analyzing rhetoric, and more!
  • Provides monthly high-quality novels for you and your student to read together and analyze 
  • Offers soup to nuts writing instruction that teaches how to go from idea to finished draft
  • Teaches tear-free revision strategies!

This program is so meaty, it may last you two years!

You can be confident that your middlers will be both stimulated and well prepared!

Brave Writer Bundles

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Brave Writer Bundles

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