Get in Sync with Your Child

Brave Writer

The key to fostering a love of learning in children is giving up our need to control the outcome.

Today: let’s be present to what shows up.

When you give your kids something to do, what would it take to stop the automatic image that pops into your mind—the mental yardstick of how the task should turn out?

How can you be with the real child today?

Notice—does my child need:

  • support
  • celebration
  • a break?

If you stay open to what the child offers and then respond with curiosity, you’ll get in sync with your child and learning will be the natural result. Sometimes that means noticing that now is not the time for that lesson. Sometimes it means being astonished by the child’s alternate vision!

Make space today to be surprised by your child and drop resentment. Begin by taking a deep breath, noticing where your feet are, and living in today (not tomorrow or next year).

You got this!

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