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Your high schoolers are ready for risks and adventures! You know, like D R I V I N G!

But they also like to entertain risky thoughts and go on literary adventures. Your hope is that all this education you are giving them will stick! You want them ready for college (if they go) and beyond! But maybe you’re overwhelmed with how to plan for high school! (It’s the homeschool Big Leagues, after all!).

To that end, Brave Writer has programs designed to give:

  • your teens the best experiences in reading and writing they could ask for
  • you, the support and training you need

No more:

  • dusty old books 
  • boring examination of themes
  • tedious exercises in grammar
  • predictable writing exercises
  • red pen critiques that don’t improve the writing

With Brave Writer, we help teens:

  • deep dive into making powerful associations between what they read and the social, historical, and cultural contexts of the literature we teach
  • discover the role grammar plays to add power and insight to literature
  • develop their own writing voices
  • draw out ideas of their own as they write reflection pieces
  • discern credible research from poppycock
  • determine what sort of writing form matches the aim of the writing task

We do all of this and more in our High School and College Prep Bundles.

Both bundles include Help for High School (you only need to buy HHS once no matter how many kids you have).

  • The High School Writers bundle uses our Boomerang Literature program.
  • The College Prep Writers bundle uses our Slingshot Literature program.

Learn moreHigh School Writers and College Prep Writers Bundles

We’d love to have you along for the ride this year! It’s not too late to start!

I can’t wait to hear all the great stuff your teens learn through our program.

Brave Writer Bundles

If you’re looking for some additional support, check out our online classes for teens. We teach how to write essays and fiction, as well as how to analyze movies and books using the tools of literary criticism!

Psst: Do you have new-to-Brave-Writer friends? You can get a discount for them and for yourself using our Refer-a-Friend program!

Brave Writer Bundles

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