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If I had one gift I could give to every home educator, it’s the freedom to simply be the homeschooler you are.

It needs to be said, even though it should be obvious.

We spend so much time searching for clues to know how to be the best parents and educators we can be for our children. The fact is, we are who we are. If you’re a loosey-goosey type person, so will your homeschool be. If you’re a ship-shape, ducks-in-a-row person, so too your parenting style.

The trick to it all is not wishing away your flaws. It’s embracing the strengths of who you are! As you lean into the personality that makes you lovable, you’ll gain new appreciation for the differences your children exhibit—how they express their lovable splendidness differently than you. Some intersection between your unique way of being and theirs creates the utterly true-to-you family and homeschool that works.

Give Yourself Grace

The reason we sometimes feel unhappy with ourselves is that we imagine once we find that sweet spot, it will sustain itself indefinitely without hiccups or misfires. Remember: we’re human beings, living a human life. Give yourself a little grace for the undulations.

I was with my daughter-in-law the other day. Like so many daughters-in-law, she saw me arrive and began tidying. I said immediately: “My house was exactly like this when Noah was a child. EXACTLY. We got it all done in the middle of the muddle and mess.”

When I look back, my chief memories are of the learning that took place, not the tidiness I achieved (however short-lived). What my kids remember are the teatimes and projects, the backyard birds and the performances of Shakespeare scenes on our back deck. Even my kids’ dad can’t remember the mess and he cared the most about tidiness!

Trust the who-you-areness of who you are to lead you. Your kids, your partner (if you have one), your friends think you’re FANTASTIC! So do I.

Lean in, learn together, and know that some days just suck. But many of them will be better than you think, particularly when you look back fondly.

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