Question the Experts

Brave Writer

You owe no homeschool expert total allegiance.

In fact, it is your obligation to think critically about any educational philosophy you adopt, consider, explore.

How do you do that? You ask lots of questions. Oodles of them.

Starter questions to pose to any educational philosophy:

  • Who created this philosophy and when? For what audience?
  • What problem is this philosophy trying to solve? Is that problem active in my family?
  • Who has traditionally benefited from this philosophy? Who benefits now?
  • What do the detractors say?
  • How comprehensive is this way of educating?
  • Do some subjects thrive in these conditions? Which ones?
  • Are some subjects overlooked or diminished in this system?
  • Does the philosophy of education imply a worldview that causes harm?
  • Does it imply an association with religious or secular ideas and do either of those matter to me?
  • How critical is the role of the teacher? And am I prepared to participate (or not!) at that level?
  • Which of my children might this suit? Which might it harm or impair?
  • How flexible is it? How flexible am I?
  • Why am I attracted to it?
  • What ideal version of myself does it imply?
  • Who would I be seen as if I don’t live up to its standards?
  • Am I okay with not being good at it, yet doing it anyway?
  • How expensive is it to implement?
  • What accommodations can be made for my special needs children?
  • How much support is there when I have questions?
  • Who are the “experts”? Do I resonate with them?
  • Is there a way to “try” the philosophy before committing?
Raising Critical Thinkers

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