Mechanics & Literature: December 2022

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December’s Dart, Arrow, and Boomerang selections celebrate the power of family and friendship and provide shiny opportunities to explore in dynamic new ways:

  • writing,
  • mechanics,
  • and literary devices. 

And this month’s Quill takes you on an exciting ride exploring modes of transportation, while also nurturing your child’s early reading, writing, and math skills.

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Brave Writer Quill
Quill (ages 5-7)

Cars! Boats! Trains! Oh, my! Get ready to move with the December Quill: Transportation!

In this Quill we’ll size up books as we explore book anatomylabel pieces and parts; get a move on to memorize as we develop gross motor skills; train fine motor skills with tracing; keep track with counting; and see how one thing is not like another as we compare and contrast.

NOTE: You can use any transportation picture books you have in your stacks or find at your library.

Some suggestions:

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Brave Writer Dart
Dart (ages 8-10)

The Very, Very Far North by Dan Bar-el

Meet Duane, a lovable polar bear who finds friends and adventure wherever he goes!

Our story’s narrator this month has big opinions and can’t wait to share them with you! What a perfect way to demonstrate the role of the intrusive narrator, this month’s literary device!

We’ll also: 

  • wiggle our way through a look at verbs describing the ways animals move;
  • encounter a passage that uses repetition again, and again, and again (to great effect);
  • savor some lyrical language;
  • ponder the delights of personification;
  • split up parts of a sentence and make lists with semicolons
  • consider a cornucopia of color names, and so much more!

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Brave Writer Arrow
Arrow (ages 11-12)

A Place to Hang the Moon by Kate Albus

This heartwarming story of three siblings evacuated from London to live in the countryside during World War II is a feel-good story—a perfect family read aloud.

December’s literary device is genre. Find out what makes historical fiction unique and explore which genres your family especially enjoys!

We’ll also: 

  • capture conjunctions and cling or string ideas together;
  • show respect with honorifics;
  • search for short sentences and some long ones too;
  • slide suffixes in at the end;
  • discuss the ins and outs of dialogue;
  • catch commas carrying out all sorts of jobs; and so much more!  

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Brave Writer Boomerang
Boomerang (ages 13-14)

The Silence Between Us by Alison Gervais

This look at a teen girl navigating Deaf culture, high school, and relationship struggles is sure to spark Big Juicy Conversation in your home.

In this Boomerang, we’ll:

  • contemplate how conflict is constructed;
  • provide background details about narrative exposition;
  • get acquainted with character development;
  • wait and wait to find out about suspense;
  • chat about colloquial expressions with y’all; 
  • enjoy an aha moment with an exhilarating epiphany and so much more! 

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For ages 15-18, check out the Slingshot.

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