Research and Citation Class REVISED

Essay Prep Research Citation Revised

When I wrote Raising Critical Thinkers it felt… risky. I knew that the ideas in my book would be a challenge to some of you. But I also knew that they would challenge ME and my team! Based on this new information, some things would need to change. However uncomfortable.

First on that list? The way we teach research and citation. 

So we completely dismantled and re-created our Essay Prep: Research and Citation class to address the modern challenges of doing research online. 


It’s still got great stuff like paraphrasing and how to take notes. But now it also has these critical components.

How to

  • Avoid being fooled by the “look” of a website
  • Wade through one million results on a Google search
  • Vet online sources like fact-checkers do
  • Discern a deliberately crafted story (presented as fact)
  • Design an investigation into a topic of interest

I’ll tell you right now—there is no other class like this on the market.

Fast forward to college. 99% of the answers they need are out there, to be found in research. Our kids need to learn how to find it and use it right. Let us help.


Essay Prep Research Citation

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