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You know we love books, right? 

We’ve read our fair share of the classics. Long, lengthy passages of prose. Poetic depictions of Victorian living rooms. Romantic visions of the countryside. 

Our kids? Not so much. (Maybe you too!)

The next generation grew up with IMAGES the same way we grew up with text. Their brains are used to input in a more multi-sensory way. But that doesn’t mean they can’t get the same robust education in literature.

Brave Writer is here to answer that call! We’re bringing more VISUAL APPEAL to our class offerings this summer. 

We’ve brought back a ton of your favorites, like writing based on TV and movies, building fictional worlds and developing comic strips.

First up? In our online Boomerang Book Club (for teens) we’ll explore the graphic novel! Featuring in June 2022: AMERICAN BORN CHINESE by Gene Luen Yang.

For $99, you’ll receive our literature guide AND your teen gets access to our book discussion online.

We’ll cover:

  • The choices that comic creators make in developing their stories
  • How writers make graphic novels an interactive experience
  • Using a character’s particular experiences to explore universal themes
  • How images support the “description” work of a graphic novel

There’s more to look at! Yang shares a TON of resources online. Save these!

Listen to Gene Luen Yang:

What teen doesn’t want their school to include a graphic novel, YouTube, and an online forum like our discussion space? We’ve got what satisfies that multi-sensory itch.

We’ll get started reading on June 1 and kick off a rousing discussion on June 13!


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