Book Reveal Q&A

Brave Writer Book Reveal

It’s our biggest event of the year: The Brave Writer BOOK REVEAL!

What is it? Glad you asked!

Let’s do a little Q&A!

What is the Brave Writer Book Reveal?

It’s a little confetti and a lot of books!

Each year the Brave Writer team selects new book titles for our Mechanics and Literature programs.

Be the first to ooh and ahh over them by joining us LIVE!

What do the Mechanics and Literature programs teach?

The Brave Writer Mechanics and Literature programs teach:

  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • spelling
  • literary devices
  • literary analysis (high school levels)
  • Book Club Party ideas

We use copywork, three types of dictation, and Big Juicy Conversations to help your children have epiphanies about language as they learn to write.

The programs cover the following age groups:

  • Quill (ages 5-7)
  • Dart (ages 8-10)
  • Arrow (ages 11-12)
  • Boomerang (ages 13-14)
  • Slingshot (age 15-18)

Is training available?

Each level comes with Guidelines that explain and supply:

  • how to teach copywork
  • how to teach various forms of dictation to grow your child’s writing and editing skills 
  • how to engage your children in natural conversations about literature
  • sample routines (aka schedules)
  • a skills tracker
  • a weekly planning tool
  • tips for implementation

In addition, the Brave Learner Home community provides training and support for all Brave Writer products, classes and parenting/education questions.

  • Membership is free for a lifetime when you purchase a Brave Writer bundle or a year-long Mechanics and Literature program in June—find details on the Special Offers page in the Brave Writer store.)

Can I use one level for more than one child?

Yes. Each product is a non-consumable PDF. Print as many copies as you need for your family. The various levels are easy to adapt for family-style learning, too. One program—many children.

Adaptations are offered in the Guidelines that come with your program.

One bundle purchase covers your language arts, English, and writing needs for many children!

Is Brave Writer a complete writing and language arts program?

Yes. When you buy a bundle, you will have the three essential components of a complete writing and language arts program. Learn more. Select the bundle that’s right for your family.

Does Brave Writer teach academic writing?

Yes. Our program begins with writing voice and developmentally appropriate writing assignments. Children grow their academic writing skills through these carefully tailored writing projects, which cover all common academic forms and formats, in preparation for college.

Does my child need to take Brave Writer Online classes in addition to using the curricula? 

While Brave Writer classes offer a valuable experience for both parents and students, they are not required to have a complete language arts experience with Brave Writer.

Classes offer extra support and accountability that help many parents get over the hurdle of teaching writing.

If you find that you want to make time to teach writing, but never get around to it, a class will ensure that you keep that commitment to yourself and your kids. It’s the “hand-holding” approach to becoming your child’s best writing coach.

We recommend students take occasional classes for the sheer pleasure of it, or to gain experience meeting deadlines, or to enjoy receiving support and feedback from a trained writing coach.

Have more questions?

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Brave Writer Book Reveal

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