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There is a difference between having a joyful vision of family life that includes opportunities for growth and learning and love versus a specific vision you feel you must protect in order to think you are successful.

In our last Brave Writer podcast episode, I explored the difference between setting boundaries and setting rules. I want to continue that conversation because there is so much to tease apart between the two.

Show Notes

Part of what makes setting boundaries so difficult is the sense of responsibility parents or caregivers have over their children: responsibility to create a healthy environment, to ensure a solid education – whether at home or at school, and to provide food and a safe place to live. But, in the midst of all of those responsibilities, we can sometimes substitute a personal agenda or dream in its place.

The only way to have a beautiful outcome in your family is to keep all options on the table at all times.

You can make a philosophical choice, but you need to back up that choice by understanding that if that choice no longer serves you or that child, you can look at the other options on the table.


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