The Essential Skill: Collaboration


Let’s face it. We’re used to being the ones in charge. 

So much of parenting is rule-based at first. Don’t cross the road alone. You have to hold hands in a busy airport. We don’t jump on Grandma’s couch. 

But somewhere along the line, it happens. They turn nine, then double digits. Paradoxically, maturity increases, but “instant cooperation” tanks. 

If you look—really look—can you see it? You’ve got a PERSON on your hands! (Wild, right?) 

Enter this essential skill: collaboration! 

Collaboration requires two or more people to:

  • Be aware of how their behavior affects others
  • Negotiate to sustain positivity 
  • Engage in respectful communication and dialogue
  • Respect each other’s ideas

Most parents don’t know how to help their older student revise without coming down like a sledgehammer—smashing all the positive qualities of a partnership.

Collaboration is the essential way you interact with your child over their writing. 

  • You get the most writing from a child whose writing voice and ideas are respected and valued.
  • You get the best writing from allowing them to capture original thoughts before mechanics.
  • You get the most trust from your child when you respond to their ideas, not just their mistakes. 

When you model gentleness and respect over a piece of their work, they learn how to work in a team, grow ideas and exchange thoughts non-confrontationally. 

Oh yeah, and they’re learning how to write too!

Now you know why Brave Writer’s latest core class involves YOU, the parent

In Brave Writer 201: Kind, Dynamic Revision, we put you, the parent and Head Writing Coach, in the driver’s seat in our classroom.

You’ll apply the empowering techniques our coaches use to your student’s writing.

Then you’ll watch your kids bring that new vision to their writing!

Our expert instructors will give you “feedback on your feedback,” training you to be the warm, supportive writing coach you want to be, much in the same way we train our own staff.

What to say AND how to say it.

What’s easier than that? 

Brave Writer Online Classes

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