The Homeschool of My Dreams Is…

Dream Homeschool

You get to have the homeschool you choose. In fact, you already DO have the homeschool you choose.

A little zen thinking for you on this Monday morning. You’re welcome.

Make a list of what you wish your homeschool would be like. What might it include? Get as clear and detailed as you can.

The Homeschool of My Dreams Is…

Ask yourself:

  • how close is the homeschool you have to that vision?
  • how much of that vision is dependent on my children?

To have a wonderful homeschool requires one key ingredient: YOUR passion for learning. That’s it! If you have that, and you go after it, you will have a homeschool that is both satisfying and effective for everyone.

For instance, if you want to teach your child to read, you can either implement a program regardless of how your child feels about it, OR you can get really interested in learning how to read. You can invest the heart and energy to learn about reading, to learn about how kids learn to read, you can test theories and explore practices with your kids looking for their feedback. Reading can be an adventure of learning for *all* of you.

When parents complain about their children’s lack of motivation or willingness to cooperate, I know the parent has lost interest in learning. They are putting attention on getting kids to perform. Then they lament that their homeschool is not magical or natural.

But if you turn your fascination to whatever the topic (motivating kids, learning to spell, mastering math facts, becoming a goal setter), you will have a home that is all about learning all the time.

Give yourself to the things you care about, identify the issues you face, and LEARN about them. Before you know it, your homeschool may look a lot more like the vision you described to yourself.

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