Brave Learner Home: March 2021

I have a little saying to describe how many of us actually homeschool:

Classical education in the fall,
Charlotte Mason in the winter…
Unschooling in the spring!

You know the drill: as the year unwinds, so do our starchy plans! And that’s a-okay because homeschooling has that kind of flexibility.

So even though snow is piling up by the inches in many parts of the country, I promise you: 

Spring is coming! 

And just in time, we’re offering inspiration and information about unschooling in Brave Learner Home.

Our March Master Class on Unschooling will help you understand this approach to education, whether you’re on your way to embracing unschooling year round or just interested in borrowing some unschooling techniques for a few months. 

Sue Patterson from Unschooling Mom2Mom will answer your questions and share her practical tips to make unschooling work. And Sue knows—her unschooled children are now all young adults with successful careers, degrees, and families! 

You won’t want to miss Sue’s webinar and this Brave Learner Home Master class coming to Brave Learner Home in March! 

March 2021 Webinar

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Unschooling, but Were Afraid to Ask 

  • Can you unschool a little bit?
  • Everything but math?
  • How do you meet state requirements?
  • Can unschoolers get into college?
  • What can you learn from unschoolers even if you don’t plan to unschool?
  • Are unschooled kids unruly?
  • Can I unschool even if we need to follow a routine at home? 

If you have these or other questions about unschooling, join us and Sue Patterson

  • Thursday, March 11, 7 pm ET
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Unschooling, but were Afraid to Ask 

Our March speaker in Brave Learner Home, Sue is known for her kindness and patience as she helps parents explore the unschooling approach. She is a homeschooling coach and founder of Unschooling Mom2Mom. She helps parents find creative ways to approach learning and reconnect with their children when their current educational option isn’t working.  

Active in the homeschooling community for twenty five years, Sue is the author of the book Homeschooled Teens : 75 Young People Speak about their without School.She has been featured in numerous magazines, podcasts, and interviews, as well as at conferences around the country

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