There Are No Shortcuts

There are No Shortcuts

Can you imagine yourself on June 1—looking back on this school year? How do you want to feel? What would you like to be able to say about your year with your kids?

Take a moment to think of one or two items.

Write them down.

One might be aspirational—we’ll get through Ancient Greece and Rome in history, Sarah will learn to read, and we’ll complete 3 writing projects.

Another might be atmospheric—we’ll incorporate more coziness, we’ll have tea times and make muffins.

Another might be philosophical—I want to implement partnering with my kids’ learning, I want to adopt a natural learning approach.

Now ask yourself:

What can I do to move in that direction now, just for today?

Check in once a week to see what you have done to move toward that end goal, that vision, that feel.

There are no shortcuts, no simple 6 steps you take to have the homeschool of your dreams. Each day, you inch closer to or away from that vision that lives in your imagination.

There will be times of doubt that make you double back to someone else’s good idea (a school’s, your mother’s, your best friend’s). But it’s never too late to pivot again and reassert the vision YOU value.

You get there one day at a time, one child at a time, one interaction at a time. It’s good that it takes time because this is your life! No reason to hurry through it. There’s no “there” to get to! There’s only this, only now, only these wonderful people in your care.

Keep going!

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