Dart, Arrow, Boomerang: Fan Favorites

Dart Arrow Boomerang Fan Favorites

What a year it’s been! Amidst toilet paper shortages, physical distancing, cancelled outings, and some heartache books have been a soothing balm.

And wow have you been reading! We’ve loved every report from our Brave Writer families. Each story shared of a Big Juicy Conversation, successful book-related project, consuming deep dive, or hearty “aha” moment has warmed our hearts and inspired our work. We’re grateful to you. Keep sharing these moments—we read and savor each one!

Now, with the new year just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to start thinking about the family reads ahead. 

To help you plan, we’ve pulled together a list of our 2020 Fan Favorites—a sampling of the Dart, Arrow, and Boomerang guides our families rave most about! (Yes, the list includes every Dart available because, goodness, those issues have been showered in praise!) 

While reading great books, these popular literature singles help you explore, experience, and explain:

  • grammar,
  • punctuation,
  • spelling,
  • literary analysis (Boomerang),
  • and literary devices.





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