Before you know how.

  • “But I don’t have the right programs!”
  • “What’s my schedule?”
  • “I’m not good at phonics.”
  • “What if I push too hard?”
  • “What if I’m too chaotic?”
  • “How will I know I’m doing it right?”

Answers to every question come along the way. You can’t solve homeschooling in advance, or ever.

It is a way.

A way of life.

A way of being a family.

A way of learning and education.


Reading to your children appeals to you? Open a book now. Read it to whoever is gathered.

Wondering how to teach math? Start: count spoons, door knobs, fingers and toes. Add measuring cups for a cake. Play with the calculator. Invite someone to play cards or a board game.

Recite a nursery rhyme, a limerick. Tell jokes. Sing songs.

Flip on the television and watch baking shows, wilderness challenges, anime’ .

Tie knots, knit, fly a kite, kayak, turn the wheel of a kaleidoscope.


The education you want for your kids is not hiding between the covers of textbooks. It’s already here: an opened gift waiting to be enjoyed, known, explored.

Trust that you’ll know what to do as you find your joy and footing. Trust you’ll discover what to add along the way.

Books and curriculum are a part of the larger whole of this way of life to offer ballast, good ideas, handholds. They are not learning. They are guides.

You’ll never master homeschool. It’s a process, not an accomplishment.

You can live this way of life, each day, starting now, with optimism and chutzpah.


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