I’m Here

I'm Here

“I’m here.” I’m here—with you, right now.

We can meet the meltdown with companionship, understanding, and a hug.

We can choose to leave behind our distracting worries and return to a child pulling on a shirttail: “What bud? I’m here.”

This is not a time for explanations or reasonableness or talking anyone out of their feelings. It’s a time for solidarity—whatever shows up.

Root your feet on the ground, feel connected to the earth beneath you and the embrace of the sky above.

No agenda—just be here now. Even if that means being with agitation, your own irritation and worry. This is the detox from busy-ness. We get to a new normal by allowing ourselves to be with the loss, the chaotic feelings, and the unpredictable minute by minute emotions of our children.

“I’m here” is the place to return to, all day today. I find touch grounding—like squeezing a shoulder, running a hand across a back, playing with a child’s hair, hand slap games, leaning against each other while watching TV, swing dancing, giving quick back rubs, rubbing noses.

These all say “I’m here” wordlessly. But you can say it with words too.

I’m here with you too.

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