Homeschool Sanity: Principle Three

You can't solve homeschooling

Principle Three

You can’t solve homeschooling.

“There’s no philosophy or practice you can adopt perfectly enough to end your quest to get it right. You’ll reexamine and adapt every year” (The Brave Learner, 203). Similar to the idea that no two years are the same is the awareness that there is no one right way to homeschool.

Your unique environment, your interpretation of the ideas, your time in history, your own educational background, the personalities of your modern children—these all impact what kind of Charlotte Mason or classical or Waldorf or unschooled or [fill in the blank] education you give your kids.

Yes, that’s true of the #bravewriterlifestyle too.

Education is not a “right or wrong way” proposition.

Your drive to not make mistakes will ruin homeschooling for you.

Let me say it another way: It’s totally fine to change your mind regularly about how you create learning opportunities for your kids! And you will—because you’re learning and growing too.

Don’t wreck your homeschool trying to solve it.

  • Get curious.
  • Be brave.
  • Try try again.

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