About the Wand

The Wand

Brave Writer has a change coming.

Our popular “learning to read” program, the Wand, is returning to its original creator, Rita Cevasco. When Rita created the Wand for Brave Writer, she was in private practice. Today, she has her own thriving company called Rooted in Language

In reviewing our goals and hers, the Wand fits so beautifully with what she’s building, it felt important for Rita to have the rights back to sell and support it. She’s also rolling out a brand new phonics program called Pinwheels that dovetails beautifully with the Wand.

What does that mean for Brave Writer?

We will sell the Wand until July 15. You can purchase the Jot it Down! bundle with the Wand and be added to the Brave Learner Home. After July 15, all Wand purchases will be through Rita’s company.

Brave Writer is producing a new product to release in 2021 for this youngest level of student that will focus on writing, rather than learning to read.

  • Purchase the Wand on the Brave Writer website for now, here.
  • Purchase the Jot it Down! bundle with the Wand, here.

Read more details about the Brave Learner Home Special Offer.

To discuss this change in more detail and to learn more about this offer, please come to my Facebook Live on Thursday, July 2 at 4:00 PM.

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