How to Join the Brave Learner Home

Join the Brave Learner Home

It’s here: a brand new way of doing homeschool!

Instead of slogging through a dusty teacher’s manual alone, imagine being accompanied by a band of fellow travelers on the homeschool path. Imagine trusted guides leading you through the most difficult passes to reach your destination.

Brave Learner Home is your new reliable online community and coaching space to provide you the support you crave for a thriving homeschool.

Ways to Join

Starting now, between July 1 and May 27, 2021, when you make a single shopping cart purchase of Brave Writer materials ($198.00 or more), you can become a free lifetime member of this vibrant community of thousands.

Or, you can gain access for a free lifetime membership when you register for one of our online writing classes in either the fall or spring semester. Fall registration opens July 27, 2020 at noon eastern.

We can’t wait to welcome you into our community, to learn alongside you, and to provide you with everything you need.

Want to learn more? Watch: Brave Learner Home Video Tour.

Or you can visit Brave Learner Home for a preview.

Brave Learner Home

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