Brave Learner Home + Special Offer

Brave Learner Home

Imagine a living-breathing teacher’s manual for your Brave Writer program.

Imagine a living-breathing mentor for home education who has already graduated homeschooled kids.

Now imagine an easy-to-access space online and in an app that offers you daily, weekly, and monthly support from trained veteran homeschoolers and a versatile community of similarly committed home educators, from all walks of life?

What would you get? Power to keep going! Tools and tips to create the homeschool you want.

That’s our community space. We call it the Brave Learner Home. It’s a membership site where the *membership dues are waived forever* when you purchase a qualifying Brave Writer program.

We believe in giving you the support your whole person needs to thrive as:

  • an effective educator,
  • a compassionate parent, and
  • an awesome adult.

Not a gimmick. Our space has six years of monthly master classes and creative lesson plans, a discussion board, and ongoing monthly webinars to train and support you.

Topics range from brain-based learning to sibling rivalry to new methods for math to motivation in learning and so much more.

We invite experts to share with us and we provide coaching to your personal needs and questions.

Special Offer

Brave Learner Home combines our popular Homeschool Alliance and our Brave Writer product coaching (formerly on Facebook). It is yours for the rest of your homeschool life when you purchase any item on our Special Offer page (offer expires June 30. Lowest price of the year, and a new offer goes up July 1).

Still have questions?

I’ll host a Q&A on Facebook Live Friday (June 26, 2020) at 4 PM Eastern.

Register to see the webinar on the Zoom platform instead.

Brave Learner Home

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