Why Not?

Why Not

Our kids ask “Why?” They ask because they’re building a worldview. They are inexperienced, first-time visitors to planet earth and their brilliant minds are assembling the rules and habits that explain and support their existence.

We’re the jaded old people with our pat answers and inflexible thinking: “Honey, forks always go on the right” and “Sweetheart, we have to work hard first, before we have fun” or “Only birds can fly.”

What kids allow us to do…what homeschool offers us…is space to think “Why not?”

  • Could we put the forks on the other side and see what happens? (Hint: I discovered lefties love forks on the left side of the plate—right side placement is pure right-handed hegemony!)
  • Who said work comes before fun?
  • And don’t humans fly on planes? What about airborn insects? How about some squirrels? What else flies?

Our big opportunity at home is not to answer the “Why” question efficiently. It’s to allow it to open a door to as many possibilities as you can tolerate!

Next time a child says: “Why is the sky blue?” be open to the “Why not?” side of the question: “Why isn’t it green? Or purple? Or is it really blue? Why isn’t it blue all the time?”

Keep the conversation going. Resist the temptation to give a familiar answer. Open the door to more!

Why not?

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