Homeschool Alliance: May 2020

How do we homeschool to college?

There’s a traditional route, with textbooks, planned courses, and SAT scores.

And there’s a non-traditional approach—entering college without the usual pace and approach to high school studies.

Blake Boles will explore the non-traditional approach in our webinar (7 pm ET, Tuesday, May 12) “College Without High School.”

Books written by Blake: College Without High School, The Art of Self-Directed Learning, and Better than College. He’ll share an excerpt from his newest book Why Are You Still Sending Your Kids to School? (publication May 2020).

Blake writes, speaks, podcasts, and builds community in the realms of alternative education, self-directed learning, and unschooling. He organizes life-changing trips for teenagers through his company Unschool Adventures, and he also coaches parents and young adults.

Join us in May in the Homeschool Alliance for a look at the ways homeschooled teens and young adults get to college, with Blake’s special appearance as our indie guidance counselor!

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