Engage with Nature: Recap

Engage with Nature Recap

Each Friday for the last month we’ve shared simple ideas to engage with the world outside (we suggested picking one a week to try).

Our Brave Writer families have watched clouds roll by, turned over rocks, and built fairy houses.

The twenty nature prompts can continue to inspire as you practice the Brave Writer Lifestyle throughout the year.

Here’s the complete list (click image to enlarge).

Need more support?

Brave Writer offers a 4-week Nature Journaling online class!

Nature journaling is a way of writing, drawing and reflecting through observations and art. Kids get to uncover countless mysteries and surprises as they interact with the wondrous world around them!The best part?

While your kids are grabbing their notebooks and sun hats, you know they are interacting with earth science, art, math and getting the benefits of physical education.

Nature Journaling


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