Boomerang Book Club: February 2020

Boomerang Book Club

Looking for a great read for teens that is filled with potential for insightful Big Juicy Conversations? Look no further than Brave Writer’s online Boomerang Book Club!

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February’s selection (for ages 13-18): Unbound: A Novel in VerseAnn E. Burg. Scholastic Press, 2018. 352 pages.

Grace, a 9-year-old enslaved girl is sent to work in the Big House. Her mother warns her to keep her head down. Witnessing the heartlessness and hatefulness of the Master and Missus first-hand, it is increasingly difficult for strong-willed Grace to hold her tongue. A terrible chain of events is set off when Grace lets out the thoughts she has been holding inside. Grace’s story introduces readers to a little-known chapter in American history—the story of enslaved people who sought freedom in the Great Dismal Swamp, a region spanning the boards of Virginia and North Carolina.

Purchase the novel here.

Brave Writer book clubs provide thought-provoking questions, engagement with one of our talented writing coaches, and a safe place to have interactions online about a common interest: books!

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Boomerang Book Club

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