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Brave Writer Student Spotlight

Through the unique use of writing mechanics, informative illustrations, vivid storytelling, and a good dose of humor, Jemma (age 9) brings her characters to life in an epic adventure to save the kingdom from a HUGE, hungry dragon.

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Jemma’s inspiration?

The book, How to Train Your Dragon, and Brave Writer’s accompanying Arrow mechanics and literature guide! 

How to Save Your Kingdom

by Jemma

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Student Spotlight: Jemma

The How to Train Your Dragon Arrow highlights “Punctuation and Writing Mechanics as Style” and provides insights into the power these elements lend to writing.

All Arrows foster inquiry and curiosity about how writers use punctuation, grammar, and spelling, as a means to engage readers—not to simply have “correct” writing. 

Arrows provide easy-to-understand notes to help parents and their children explore writing mechanics and writers’ craft through the published works of established authors. Over time, children apply these writing tools to original writing, as Jemma has shown in her engaging story. 

Thank you for sharing your epic story with us, Jemma! We wish you many days of brave writing ahead!

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